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Understanding Stock Analysts Recommendations by Crad Kilodney

 Understanding Stock Analysts Recommendations by Crad Kilodney

April 2000

What They Say What It Means
12-Month Target Price A nice number we can’t be held accountable for.
Strong Buy Everyone in the pub agrees this is a good stock.
Focus Buy We’ve loaded up on this one ourselves, so it better go up.
Buy We have a relationship with the company and will keep recommending the stock until it embarrasses us.
Long-Term Buy If you wait long enough, this company may sort out its problems.
Market Outperformer This stock will do no worse than the market in general.
Market Performer This stock will do no better than the market in general.
Market Underperformer This stock will do a lot worse than the market in general.
Attractive This stock is a lot cheaper now since it got clobbered.
Long-Term Attractive In two years the stock may be worth what you pay for it today.
Accumulate This stock is already fully priced.
Hold We recommended this turkey when it was much higher and don’t want to admit we were wrong.
Neutral There’s nothing holding this stock up but an updraft of hot air.
Reduce Bail out now.
Sell You should have bailed out 6 months ago.
High Risk Like skydiving with a parachute packed by a boy with Down’s Syndrome.




by Crad Kilodney


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