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The Power and the Passion by Crad Kilodney

The Power and the Passion by Crad Kilodney

February 2001

Buck pushed away from his desk and stood up, rubbing his back. It was his chair. It was a bad chair. Not ergonomic. Not good to sit in for a long time. Almost everyone else in the office had a modern chair that was easy on the back. Why shouldn’t he have one, too? Didn’t he rate?

He had been stewing about his chair for months. He imagined confronting the office manager, demanding a new chair, pounding his fist on the manager’s desk, startling him into submission with a power never before displayed. Buck Larson! Remember the name! Now get me the best chair you can find! And he’d get it. And fast, too. And more than that, he’d get respect.

He paced back and forth in his cubicle, getting up his courage. Yes, today was the day! No more thinking, just do it! He’d demand a new chair!

Adjusting his tie, he walked to the office manager’s open door and knocked. “Mr. Blaine?”

“Yes, Buck, what is it?” said the office manager, looking somewhat harried behind his desk cluttered with papers.

“Ahem…I have something important to talk to you about…if you have a moment, that is.”


Buck stepped into the room and stood in front of Mr. Blaine’s desk. “It’s about my chair. It’s very uncomfortable.”

“It is?”

“Yes…um, you see, it hurts my back.” He gestured with his hand. “Could I possibly get a new chair…so my back won’t hurt…if possible?”

Mr. Blaine shrugged. “Take it up with Charlie. He’s the purchasing manager.”

“Oh…I see….Yes, of course….I’ll do that….Thank you.”

Buck left Mr. Blaine’s office. He stood in the hallway, looking in the direction of Charlie’s office. He thought about Charlie Stone. A big man. Rather grouchy. Always going on about “hammering expenses into the ground.” How would he approach Charlie? It troubled him. He’d have to psych himself up. Yes, he’d have to work on that, psyching himself up little by little over the next month….Maybe three months…or more, if necessary.

Terry, the brunette with the huge tits that bulged beneath her tight sweaters, walked past him, ignoring him as she always did. He stared at her from behind, imagining what she looked like naked….Someday he’d have her…after he got his new chair, his power chair…and his back had some time to get better…so he could really nail her good…all night, if he wanted to….Yes, he would fuck her, thought Buck.




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