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Please Answer Our Hate-Mail by Crad Kilodney




Please Answer Our Hate-Mail by Crad Kilodney

April 2004

Well, it took more than four years, but we finally got our first nasty email, because of the dickhead contest. We would never reply to this person ourselves. We prefer to leave that to you. If you want to cc: us, we’d appreciate it.


From: “Poppsee Weaver” <>
Subject: dickhead nominations
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 12:46:42     Firstly, you should be ashamed of yourself. The last thing this world needs is another nationalist asshole like yourself. Just because these people are Canadian doesn’t mean anything. I guarantee you that almost anyone could come up with a list of the top 100 American dickheads, but that is no reason to blame America. Nothing is wronge with pointing blame at these people, but when you insult the country itself on things you heard in your local bar (which obviously you spend way too much time at) is rude and just like a dickhead.

Secondly, your site will never get anywhere. Noone thinks its funny. It’s just as bad as a racist site, which probably, a jerk like yourself has. Since the second you have put that site on the internet you have been a downfall to society. I pity anyone who has to put up with your bullshit in person.

-Anne Holyoke

P.S. I am not a Canadian. I am American.

Here is another message, which we received on April 5:


From: “David W. McFadden” <>
Subject: Re: demolishion (sp?)
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 2003 12:53:58>Foster Griezic (says U.S. fired first in WW II)


That’s not what Foster said. He said the U.S. fired on the Japanese before Pearl Harbour, which is true. This was years after WWII started.

You American Babykillers are so … misinformed!


“The truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the TRUTH becomes the greatest ENEMY OF THE STATE.”

– Goebbels

These emails were sent in response to our Canadian Dickhead of the Year Contest


by Crad Kilodney



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