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Photos of Crad -November 2004

These photos were taken at the Cambridge House International Investment Conference, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, on October 4th, 2004. This show is devoted mainly to mining — especially the small, speculative mineral exploration companies whose stocks trade on Toronto or the Canadian Venture Exchange.

Your humble stock speculator and neighbour Olga, in the lobby upstairs from the mining show.

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Didn’t I mention Dunsmuir Ventures in my last PDAC article? Well, I bought it and made money on it.

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Visiting one of my companies. I bailed out of Pacific Northwest Capital with a loss but expect to do better with Freegold Ventures.

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Visiting another of my companies — North Atlantic Resources, which is actually exploring for gold in west Africa.

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Another of my companies, Diamondex Resources. Usually the president, Randy Turner, is at the booth, but he took off with a hot-looking babe just before I got there.

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Formation Capital was the best new idea I brought back from this convention, and I bought 4,000 shares a few days later. Buy it now! It’s FCO on Toronto.

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ATTENTION TORONTO COMPANIES! HIRE THIS LADY NOW! Olga has worked at Desjardins Financial and ABN Amro Bank, and she is enthusiastic about the mining and oil & gas sectors. I could go on and on, but you should really talk to her. Direct your inquiries to the email address below.

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