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Extra (for kids only!) by Crad Kilodney

Extra (for kids only!)  by Crad Kilodney

October 2001

Hi, kids! It’s October, and that means our coolest, most fun day of the year is coming up. That’s right, I mean Halloween! Halloween was my favorite day when I was a kid, and I guess it still is. What could be neater than wearing scary or funny costumes, going trick-or-treating for loadsa candy, decorating your classroom, having a party, telling ghost stories, and enjoying a truly American day?

It’s every American kid’s (and Canadian kid’s) right to enjoy Halloween. Unfortunately, there are some stupid people out there who want to take Halloween away from us. They say it’s satanic or anti-Christian, or some other baloney like that. Well, you know what you should do about such people? You should kill them, that’s what! Not only are they enemies of all kids, they’re also un-American. So stand up for your rights, stand up for Halloween, and stand up for old-fashioned American values. Kill anyone who tries to stop you from enjoying Halloween!





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