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Apology by Crad Kilodney

Apology by Crad Kilodney

July 2000


I apologize for everything I’ve ever said or done that I shouldn’t have said or done.

I apologize for whatever I didn’t say or do that I should have.

My apology covers the past, present, and future, as well as past and future lives in the event of reincarnation.

Even if I wasn’t wrong, I apologize if you were in any way displeased.

I’m sorry for my thoughts and emotions and for the way I express them. Above all, I apologize for whatever I want or need.

I’m sorry for having a bad effect on your life.

I’m sorry for failing to understand you.

I assume all criticism to be true and will not defend myself.

If I think of a defense, I won’t use it. If this is wrong, I apologize for it.

I deeply regret any inconvenience caused.

I apologize to anyone around you who has been disturbed in any way.

I apologize for being what I am.

I apologize for the blood in my veins and for bleeding.

I apologize for my tears and for being in pain.

I apologize for every breath I take that consumes oxygen better reserved for rats, worms, and dogs.

I apologize for my appearance and speech.

I apologize for my gestures, intonations, lapses of silence, penmanship, forms of address, and opening sentences.

I apologize for my name, address, date and place of birth, and all other vital statistics.

I apologize for the way my envelopes arrive in your mailbox and for their contents and timing.

I apologize for my subconscious and for what I dream.

I apologize for being a net minus in your life.

I apologize for getting things wrong about everything generally and specifically.

I apologize for everything that you don’t know about that would upset you if you did know about it.

I apologize for the mess I leave behind that others will have to deal with.

I apologize for this letter.

I apologize comprehensively.

I apologize unconditionally.

I apologize posthumously






by Crad Kilodney


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