Dead Man Talking

Crad Kilodney's archives

About Crad Kilodney’s Archives

Crad Kilodney, also known as the Duke of Sherbourne, is the author of some thirty plus books of compulsive, literary degeneracy.

Today he is working on a complete series of Shakespeare rewrites, Shakespeare for White Trash, at This is also the home of new works on world travel, philosophy, and alien kink.

The Duke of Sherbourne has been banned from the Minnesota Parent’s Little League Library and his books are used as insulation in the far reaches of economically challenged Siberia when they cannot afford paper or proper construction supplies.


Obligatory Disclaimer:

Lorette C. Luzajic is just the administrator of this site. She is not responsible for heart attacks or revisited lunches. She neither advocates for or against such repulsive reading- she simply needs a summer job. As comments moderator, she will make sure all comments find their way to Mr. Kilodney. Readers may also contact Mr. Kilodney directly through the email and address conveniently located on every page.


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