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Letter to Jenny by Crad Kilodney

Letter to Jenny by Crad Kilodney

August 1999

Tuesday, May 6, 1997

Dear Jenny,

In the Classical World, all emotions were recognized as a part of the human condition. All had their place in the garden of life. This is why Classical art retains its appeal – at least to some people.

In the Modern World, however, negative emotions are not permitted to exist. They are regarded as forms of illness, and those who feel them are sick people in need of therapy.

Unhappiness is the most inexcusable negative emotion. The unhappy person is dysfunctional. He is not in control of his mind. In the Modern World there is no reason to be unhappy. People create their own unhappiness. It is their fault. It is a weakness of character. All unhappiness is automatically invalid. The invalidation of unhappiness eliminates the necessity for sympathy, empathy, and comfort and thereby makes the Modern World so much simpler.

Anger is another negative emotion that marks the social criminal. Anger is un-Modern. It is an expression of helplessness. If people simply asserted themselves, there would be no occasion to be angry.

Hatred is a waste of time, a squandering of energy. To hate is to relinquish control of your life to others. For Modern People, control is the most important thing.

Loneliness scarcely deserves comment as it is so obviously un-Modern. There are approximately 6 billion people in the world. The solution to loneliness is to go out and meet some of them. In fact, you don’t even have to go out; you can meet them by phone or computer network.

Fear is only felt by cowards. Modern People don’t recognize fear. There are various martial arts you can learn. Move around in packs. Confront the source of your fear and it will instantly evaporate.

Jealousy is sick. Modern People don’t feel jealousy because they don’t need anyone. [See “Need.”]

Need is sick. The Modern Person is autonomous. He can remove anyone or anything from his life as easily as taking out the garbage. Modern Man revels in his independence. The only things that are really “needed” in the Modern World are the right clothes and high-tech gadgetry.

Pain is only felt by the thin-skinned. Modern Man never feels pain. His nervous system has been deadened to it. What do you think drugs are for anyway?

Shame and guilt, which are closely related, are the products of authoritarian moral structures. The Modern World is completely amoral; therefore, there is nothing to feel ashamed or guilty about. Modern Man makes his own morality and constantly revises it to fit changing circumstances.

Failure is only felt by those who haven’t tried hard enough. You have only yourself to blame. Modern Man never fails. He is always successful in his own way, even if it is not evident to others.

Inferiority is a product of an obsolete conception of the human race, based on inequality. The Modern World is based on absolute egalitarianism. Every human being in the world is exactly equal to every other human being. Small differences are attributable to environment.

People who feel negative emotions simply refuse to be part of the Modern World. They are maladjusted. They are their own worst enemies. With so many self-help courses available, designed to purge negativity, no one has any excuse to walk around with negative emotions, just as no one has any excuse to be dirty with the availability of soap and water.

Modern People are always positive. They know that if they want something badly enough, they go out and get it. If something needs to be changed, they change it. The human race would make better use of its time and energy if all negativity ceased to exist.

Don’t let negative people sap your energy! Kick their butts! Tell them to get out of your life!

Negative people, like those with contagious diseases, should be quarantined and isolated from the rest of society.

I repeat, negative emotions are not permitted to exist in the Modern World.

Crad Kilodney

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